Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Part 2

Thankfully, the rain stopped early this morning and the weather held out for some Trick-or-Treating.

Devin was so excited! It was a thrill to watch her so happy:)

She made some graceful concessions on the clown outfit. Her hat was just a bit too small and kept blowing off in the wind during the preschool parade yesterday. She was in love with my make up job & didn't care about not having her beloved clown hat.

We also skipped the clown shoe covers that came with the outfit. Also, too small.

Two giant bows looked kind of "clowny," don't you think?


She pointed to a face on the box and I did my best.









People handed my tiny clown candy by the handful and her Elmo head was full after about 20 houses. She seemed satisfied and said she was ready to go home and see what she could have.

It was so weird. Mom and I prepared for the usual amount of kids, plus some...assuming a Saturday night with decent weather would bring them in droves. Nope. This Halloween brought the fewest amount of Trick-or-Treaters ever. We both have so much candy left over, it's not funny. (We've both run out in previous years)

While we were out, Matt managed to burn his fingers on a cookie sheet pretty badly. Have you ever set a cookie sheet on the stove top, when you forgot to turn off a burner? We're idiots and coudn't figure out why some of the Pigs-In-Blankets were burned and some were cooked perfectly. About 30 minutes after we pulled the cookie sheet out of the oven...Matt grabbed it, assuming it was cool. Two of his fingers have huge blisters and hurt a lot.



Penny said...

What nice pictures. That will be so much fun for Devin in years to come, seeing herself trick or treating! You did a fantastic job with the face make-up. This is our first year that our kids decided they were to old to trick or treat, the youngest went to a party. Thanks for sharing Devin's night out!

Kate said...

Omigosh, Devin was just adorable!!! Well done on her makeup, too. :)

I think tiny trick or treaters are the cutest. Your little clown made me smile.

Sorry to hear about the burned fingers, though. Blisters on the fingers hurt SO much and for SO long ~ he has my sympathy!

Leah said...

What a cute clown! And where did you get that Elmo bucket? My Luke LOVES Elmo!

Erin said...

you did an AWESOME job on her makeup! any little girl would LOVE to be the cute clown she was for halloween! :)

so sorry about the burned fingers too! ive done that a time or too.... not fun

Shannon said...

Leah, the Elmo bucket was a Walgreens purchase a few years back. She uses it year-round!

Thanks for the wishes on the toasted fingers. They look awful, but he says they don't hurt too bad.

Megan said...

Love the big bows! I didn't know how you could top the Peacock, but this is precious.