Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm open to new foods...but....um.....

I had two perfectly shaped baked potatoes ready for dinner. They were cooked just right for Twice Baked Potatoes....one of Matt's specialties.

However, this milk:

Looks a lot like this milk:

And, Matt made Chocolate Twice Baked Potatoes.

I had to talk him down from the ledge, as the potatoes were perfectly scooped.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well, it's a good excuse for a new kitchen.

Remember this post?

Well, things didn't work out exactly as planned. I'll always let the boys give it the old college try, but this one was above our collective heads.

And, it all worked out ok. Except for the 5 grand we're spending to upgrade the kitchen. Thankfully, our cabinets are pretty good and I love the color. They've held up well to some pretty severe abuse. So, we don't need new cabinets.

The floor was replaced about 5 years ago. It's also holding up well & very easy to maintain. I sweep and vacuum a lot, but only mop every other week.

SO, we ended up with 60 square feet of Uba Tuba granite counter tops. I love it way more than I thought I would...goodbye dark green Formica. You were ugly.

The best part will be the back splash. Although we should have gone for a simple 4x4 tile, we opted for something really cool.

And, too expensive.

Oh, and difficult to install.

But, it's going to be so cool. It's an architectural facing: Copper Rust Bergen

The granite counter tops were installed today.

The sink will be plumbed this morning.

The back splash is going to take a bit longer.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Peoria in March 2009

It was a short, but action packed trip to Peoria. (Also, our first road trip with a newly potty trained person)

Devin is a good traveler. She stays occupied in the car, used the restroom when we stopped and loves to listen to music and sing.

Although she did ask, "Where's Papa & Gramma's House?"

Like, 300 times.

By the end of the drive Matt & I were taking turns answering her questions.

She was very excited about seeing her cousins.

They played Connect 4.

They played dress up.

Devin got to eat raisins....a generally forbidden fruit.

Thursday's weather was beautiful. The sky was crystal clear.

What could cause such a look of awe and wonder?

Hand-held UFO's! (Although I took the picture in admiration of the sky)

They also made great pretend steering wheels.


Devin keeps her "rock collection" in her tricycle trunk.

Oh, that grin.

Meet Maxwell.

He won the kitty cat lottery jackpot. Ann rescued the kitten from the farm...as he had been dumped by someone. He is far too friendly to be one of the feral farm cats.


We had to leave Peoria early, so Matt could go see Bob Schimmel.

They had a great time and even got autographs!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday the 14th

So, Friday the 13th is supposed to be the bad luck day.

Welcome to Saturday the 14th!

I bit down on a very well-done piece of bacon and fractured a crown. I was/am so pissed. Mainly because they're so expensive and our insurance doesn't pay for porcelain. Just gold. Now, I can roll O.G. with the best of them, but I'm not going to sport a gold tooth.

Now, I have to get it fixed before Wednesday when we leave town.

My 4.5 match was better than expected. I played college-girl and hung tough in the 1st set. Came back from 0-3 to tie it at 4-5 & lost my serve. Boo. Friday night's match took it's toll and I ran out of gas.

Yep...the bagel in the second set. 6-0. I hate getting bageled. I tried everything to prevent it, but she turned it on & my 36 year old legs were done...she's not 25, mind you.

Matt had a horrible match and says he's done playing USTA. We'll see.

It's Chinese takeout night...Matt and Dev are picking-up as I type.

Dev starts a new Gymnastics class tomorrow. We've completed one session of the "Mom & Tot" class, where me (or usually my Mom) would stand near Dev and help. We thought it would be good to try the next stage. where we're less involved and the kids are a bit older.

Physically, Dev is a well-developed 3-year old. She's tall and strong...she's often mistaken for 4 years old or more. The Mom/Tot class was simply not challenging enough. Socially, she's very much an almost 3-year old.

We shall see. I plan on taking pictures.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why I Love Tennis

My parents played tennis on the public courts when I was little. They didn't push me into tennis...just a gentle nudge when I was around 11 or 12 yrs old.

Cute boys play tennis, which was all I needed to stick with it. I played 4 years in high school


and eventually walked on the SIUE tennis team my Junior year and earned a full scholarship for the rest of my Bachelor's degree. Playing tennis in college was an awesome experience. I got to travel, experience a whole new level of play and it kept me fairly focused.

I credit Matt with getting me back into tennis, sometime late my Freshman year. We met, since we lived in the same apartment building...but we stayed just friends until late my sophomore year. He encouraged me to try out for the team.

Once again, he was right.

Last night, I had one of the toughest matches I can remember. I played a lady who also happens to be a grandmother. Pretty much the only reason I won, was I wore her down. And, I ran her like a $2.00 mule.

There aren't many sports like tennis. (Golf is close)

I have to play a 4.5 match this evening & I'm tired/sore from last night. Plus, the team we play is full of scholarship players from U of K.

It should be quick and painless.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2nd Conference

Time is passing so quickly. It's hard to believe it's been 5 months since this post:

1st Conference

Of course, we already know how much she's grown in 5 months. My main concern for Devin and reason for starting preschool early, was her separation anxiety. There was a point in her development, where I couldn't leave the room without concern...even at home. This was wearing on my sanity.

Just this weekend, I wanted to go watch my old tennis team play a big match. We gave her the choice to go with me to watch tennis or stay with Matt at home. She chose to stay home!

I asked Miss Noelle about Devin's temper tantrums and screaming. The look of complete shock on her face was all I needed.

Devin saves that behavior just for us!

Social & Emotional Development
Devin has improved on arrival & departure; Comes in on own & sits at carpool
-She's much more comfortable at school-enjoys her day
-Follows 2+ step directions with no prompting
-Recognizes when friends need help & loves to assist
-Tears are few and far between

Cognitive Development
Devin is much better about exploring the room. She will move from center to center on her own
-She seeks aid from an adult when she needs help
-Potty learning in progress

Physical Development
-Devin loves music and movement with Miss Cindy
-She can pedal on the bikes in the big room
-Devin will climb and slide down the structure outside and loves the sand box

Recognizes the letters in her name
-Loves to be read to

One goal we set is to have more "playdates" for Devin. Especially this summer, when her preschool schedule will change.

Since St. Francis is a "school" and not a church or daycare, the school year ends in May. So, if we want to keep her in the routine, she will attend summer "camp." The teachers will be different and the routine changes.

Uh oh:)