Monday, February 25, 2013

One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest

I can't believe I haven't posted since the 1st of the year.  What a bad mommy blog this is.  Oh well:)  I've been incredibly busy doing a few things, mainly caring for this almost 7 year old who's been sick (off and on) for nearly 3 weeks.  Also, her school's annual benefit was Friday night and I was the Chair of the event.  All of this, while working some and playing tennis most everyday.

This poor thing has been put through the ringer this winter.  And, I suppose we were due.  She only missed a day of school in the Fall, while others were out sick.  But, we're getting pay back for sure.  She missed an entire week of school with the flu, Type B.  It was awful to watch, she felt miserable.  There was a 48 hour period, where I basically never left her side.  She just needed to be held and encouraged to stay hydrated.  Tylenol and Motrin were amazing at giving her just enough relief to drink and eat a little.  Her fever was as high as 103.7, she was a hot mess.  

After 3 days of school, she sprouted a new (and high) fever with terrible congestion and runny nose.  A quick trip back to the Dr. said no flu or strep, just another nasty virus.  Thankfully, her school is off this week and we needed this break.  We're purposefully laying low, avoiding crowds and trying to rebuild her immune system.



I rarely see Flickers and this small one was trying to stay warm on one our coldest days.  Poor thing.  He couldn't figure out our squirrel proof feeder:(


The school's benefit was a big success, raising over $16,000.  In a crazy twist, I won the "Split the Cash" raffle we held.  Our Director tumbled the thing around and around and slowly said my name!!!
Trust me, we can really use the $2000.00.  My poor Mazda wagon needed about that much to get her back in shape.  It all works out I guess!!