Friday, October 9, 2009

That was a long week

For a variety of reasons, this was a long week. Thankfully, Devin isn't worse...but isn't really much better, either.

Her "flu" has morphed into a super-nasty cold. She's 100% congested, sneezing, runny nose, lethargic. In general, she looks and feels like crap. But, I'll take that over puking any day. I forgot how tiring it is to be up and down all night long.

Unfortunately, she will have to miss her first "real" Birthday party for one of her friends at preschool. She was so excited to go:(

For some reason, I picked this week to start painting the master bath. It's tedious and time consuming, but looks good. Next up? Our bedroom. It's desperate for a fresh coat of paint and new flooring.

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Penny said...

Sorry you have a little sickie! That is not fun. Post pictures of the bathroom when you are finished painting. We have been working on little projects around here too. I hate the mess while it is happening, but love the results! Tell Devin to rest and take it easy.