Monday, May 31, 2010

A Trip to Snow White

Thanks to Gaga, we had tickets to see Snow White at the Children's Derby Dinner Playhouse. For this show, we actually had breakfast! It was good, old-fashioned theater in the round.

(No pictures due to the broken camera)

Devin dressed for the occasion in her full Snow White costume. There were many little girls in costumes, so she apparently she got the memo. We were curious to see how she would react to the play. Our seats were on the floor, within touching distance of the stage. The lights fell dark and the play/musical started.

For the next hour, Devin sat motionless and 100% absorbed in the action. She didn't ask me questions, she didn't get restless...She. Didn't. Move.

The only time we spoke, was when her hands cramped up from being clenched tightly during the scary witch scene. You know, when the evil step mother drinks the formula to make her an old lady witch. It was dark, she had a booming voice and they played loud thunder and flickered the lights...pretty intense, for a 4 year old:)

Overall, it was a memorable experience for such a low-budget (yet charming) little play. The actors were excellent and the facility was nice. I highly recommend the breakfast brunch and play experience for the 4-10 year old crowd.

I spent the rest of the weekend dealing with suspected food poisoning from lobster. I cooked it myself at home, but I was the only one who ate it and the only one up all night sick. Luckily, I feel much better today and my energy is returning.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Fun & Summer Accidents

Yesterday started so well. A trip to the new IHOP!! We ate smiley faced pancakes, of course.

Then, we went to the Zoo splash park. This shot was taken as soon as we got there.

Look how crowded it got within an hour.

So, it was all good! We met our friends and had a great time watching the kids splash. Close to lunchtime, we started the trek back to the Carousel. Now the bad camera took a nasty fall. I thought the beach towel caught it, but I was wrong.

The lens is stuck on and it won't focus or take pictures. I'm really hoping the camera body is it's a $100 lens on a $1000 camera. There's a camera repair shop in town, so we'll take a trip there next week.

So, that's the first of our summer accidents. I guess I'll take a broken camera vs. any broken parts on us, so I should stop complaining.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bring On Summer!

There's nothing like a 90 degree day to remind us that summer is here! After a trip to the garden and park, we got back in my car and she says, "Whew! It's freakin' hot!"

Ahhhh. My little parrot.

Dev's regular preschool year ended yesterday and we said our goodbyes to Miss Noelle and Miss Irene. She was with these teachers in her 2 day, 2's and 3 day 3' it will be interesting to see how she adjusts to all the "new." Last night, we visited the school for a Summer Camp orientation. We're thrilled she will have Miss Mary Pat & (hopefully) Miss Cindy for the summer sessions. Plus, they're in a wonderful room and Devin was HAPPY. It's so nice to have her run off from me to play when she saw her friends. She even gets to go on the big school bus for field trips this summer. (Although she was concerned the bus would be "too loud")

Devin's love of all things Princess led to me to purchase this DVD:


It's perfect for Devin...all Princess, NO villains. It's hilarious actually. It's title should be, "Disney Responds To Its' Princess Critics and Shows Princesses Can Actually Do Something With Their Lives."

But, they went with, "Follow Your Dreams."

You see, Princess Aurora is left the keys to the kingdom and she's IN CHARGE while her Dad goes to a conference. While away, she's faced with tasks like:

-Signing important documents. She actually talks about not wanting to sign something she hasn't read. Smart girl:)

-Dealing with villager's grievances.

-Not cutting corners to get the job done

-No Prince rescues her...she figures it out all on her own. Amazing!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blogging Lull=Farmers Market Trip

Yikes! I can't believe how fast the time is going and May is almost over. Unreal.

Although we stay very busy, there's not much new going on. Other than Devin growing like a weed. She had another allergic reaction of some sort a week ago. It seemed associated with a cold and she broke out in terrible hives. Poor thing itched and swelled, until we were prescribed a stronger antihistamine and a steroid.

She's all better now:)

Her new obsession is bracelet making. This week, she sat and strung beads together for hours at a clip. She asks me how to spell various names and searched for the letters. So, it's actually a little bit educational as well a workout for her fine motor skills.


Even with an early start, the Farmer's Market was crowded. Really crowded. Which is awesome for the vendors & it looked like people were buying quite a bit. Apparently, it was "Kids Day."

Or, maybe folks have seen this movie. We're ever so grateful for our farm beef:)

We looked at chickens and these turkey eggs.
Dev practically ran me over to get to this tattoo table. I guess a Jesus tat never hurt anyone.

There were several booths featuring hand-knit items. Devin chose a washcloth, it's too cute to use!

We bought some goat milk soap. Also, some natural orange cleaner.

As always, this lady's flower stand was hopping. She always has different stuff....this woman got the last of the Peonies.

Dev ate an organic chocolate chip cookie and we stood in a long line for a bottled water. Our goodies included 2 quarts of organic strawberries, red potatoes, snap peas, soap, popcorn, flowers, orange cleaner and a washcloth. A pretty good haul I'd say.

I was craving a gyro for lunch, so we went to our new favorite place:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

The obligatory Mother's Day post a day late. Oh well. I started it on time!

A few weeks ago we went to the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair. In our 11 years in Louisville, we've attended the fair most years.

As with most things, the art fair through a 4 year old's eyes is a new experience.

Unfortunately, they didn't have a face painter. So, I promised she could work on her own "butterfly."


Nothing special. I was drawn to the colors in this toy of hers.

I thinks she's making a statement here with Barbie. See hows she's buried up to her neck and then forced to look in the mirror? Perhaps, it's a comment on societal expectations and the impossible standards set by our modern media. Or, maybe she's just playing beach....

Just had to throw in a picture from our Dr. visit last week. Scare tactics much?

Ahhhh. My darling daughter on Mother's Day. We attended another art fair...Locust Grove this time. Mom found some old chairs to use as outdoor planters, very cute! Dev and I bought 2 bars of Vegan soap and a pair of blue crystal earrings for me.


Later, Matt took my Mom golfing and I prepared dinner. We had filet mignon from the family farm, mashed potatoes and Sweet and Sour green beans. I made Oatmeal White Chocolate Chunk cookies for dessert.