Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Don't call the child psycholigist just yet

We were a bit alarmed, when Devin started writing, "DIE" on all her art work.

Then she told us that's her name! See the D and V on the left? It's a Devin word jumble.

I love her E's, with 4-6 horizontal lines.



Penny said...

Those are some nice "D";s. That is funny that it came out that way. I remember my oldest(about 10 at the time) talking to her younger sister and talking about a man taking a green ribbon off from his wife's neck and her head fell off. I freaked out and immediately went to her and asked her were she had heard something like that and who was she talking about. She then pulls a library book out of her back pack and shows me the book of scary Halloween stories! Fun!

Shannon said...

It really is amazing what kids pick up and remember. Even something that seems safe...

She was watching a show about giraffes and how they live.

Then she took a nap and woke up crying, saying a scary giraffe was chasing her:)