Sunday, October 11, 2009

Someone's Feeling Better

I enter into evidence, Video #1.

These are two, life-size Golden Retriever stuffed animals given to her by my dear friend Debbie. Debbie is very involved in a local organization that rescues Goldens and finds new homes for them.

Debbie has 2 dogs herself: Trevor and Zoe!

She even got the 2 dogs personalized collars that read "Trevor" and "Zoe."

Video #2

Video #3

She's still feeling crappy, though. The sickness has moved into her lungs and she coughed throughout the night.

Around 11:30, we tried our favorite anti-coughing voodoo trick.

Vick's Vapo Rub on the bottom of her feet with socks. It's crazy. Within 30 minutes, her cough subsided and she went back to sleep.


Penny said...

What cute videos. Golden Retrievers are the most awesome dogs. We have had them for over 12 years. We just raised our first litter of Goldendoodles. (Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle) They have the great qualities of Goldens and the added intelligence of the Standard poodle, plus low to no shedding!! We love our dogs.

Looks like Devin knows her stuff about taking care of a dog. Sorry she is still feeling under the weather! That Vicks thing is weird. When I was little mom used to rub it on our chest and ties a bandanna around our neck covering it. Imagine doing that now!! It always did make us feel better!! Take care!

Shannon said...

I've seen your website & they are adorable.

Someday, we'll have the room and a fenced yard.