Friday, October 9, 2009

The long week, just got longer

I was let go from my awesome part-time job today.

It was a wonderful opportunity while it lasted. About 4 months ago, the President of the company (who hired me) was unexpectedly fired by the owners. With him gone, I did everything I could to make the best of the job...the GM did her best to keep me around.

Well, this week SHE left the company to go work for previously fired president at his new, start-up company.

Let me quote the owner: "I'm throwing the baby out with the bath water." So, basically I was let go for knowing the ex-President.

Unfortunately, the new company is too new to afford a marketing/PR/salesperson at the moment.

I can't help but be sad. It was a good job that I liked. But, working directly for the owner would have been difficult at best...(Since this is a public blog, I'll leave it at that) Plus, I hate putting more pressure on Matt to provide our entire income. What a switch. At one point, I made 3-4x his income...and was miserable, traveling around in a high-pressure job.

So, I'm filing for unemployment and Matt's given me his OK to sell the BMW.

Do you know anyone who's desperate for a 1997 M3 with 140,000 miles on it? With all the racing extras, Matt's pretty sure we should ask $11,000.

We'll figure it out. We always do.

I think we'll start planning for a very scaled down Christmas:)


Penny said...

Sorry about your job. sometimes one door is closed for a reason. You seem to have a very good attitude and I am sure it will all work out. Just think of all you do have to be thankful for. I will have to tell myself this all soon. Our school will lose it's career tech funding at the end of the year and my job will be cut. I LOVE my job and will be very sad when the time comes. I am just going to enjoy it for now. Take it easy and enjoy all the time you have with Devin.

Shannon said...

Penny, thank you for your sweet comments:) I've been laid off enough times now, that it's becoming second nature...

I'm sorry to hear about the future of your position. Maybe something will change and the school's budget will come through.

We're trying to look on the bright side & look for those new, "open doors."

Erin said...

so sorry to hear about your job :( times are tough for sure. i agree that you seem to be keeping a positive outlook (i mean what else can u do huh?).. good luck w/ selling the car too!