Friday, June 18, 2010


Yes. My camera is still on the DL. Fortunately, it's an $80 repair, much better than I expected.
So, forgive the cell phone pic below.
We went on a bowling play date with a friend from preschool. They also have games and as you can see, Devin hit the Jackpot. It was one of those random coin drop games. She dropped the token down a chute, it fell on a platform and was swept onto a lower, rotating platform. It landed on, "Jackpot." Her little token won her 540 tickets. Added to our earlier skee-ball game, we had 600 points to buy junk from China and candy. Awesome!

(Which reminds me Dev had a check up and everything is looking great)

Dev was really happy and chose princess junk...shocker.

Since nearly everyday in June has been 90 degrees or above, we've been finding ways to stay cool. We borrowed our neighbors water slide for a few days, which was really fun. We also learned how much trouble a giant plastic thing is, when you can't get it dry. It's so tempting to buy one, but they're pricey and according to reviews on Amazon....cheaply made these days.

We're all looking forward to Father's Day weekend. Dev's been working on cards and wrapping "presents" all week long. Of course by presents, I mean she's wrapping up your left shoe for ya.