Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who doesn't stop for free cake?

We ran across this table at the Thursday night Farmer's Market on Westport Road.

Turns out the free cake/lemonade was provided by the church who hosts this particular market. I snickered to myself when I realized it was really, really strong rum cake. Like, cake I thought twice about before letting Dev have a taste. (She did taste, but didn't like)

Interesting recruitment tactics. :)

It was produce like this,

that led to lines 10+ deep.

I'm thrilled so many people are interested in buying local. Things are not cheap, as we all pay more to have them drive their trucks to the market. But, there are so many reasons why it's beneficial to the community. That's one reason I like to take Devin as often as possible. So, she can get a sense of our community and why we think it's a good place for her to grow up.

Black-Eyed Susan in all their glory.

Not much planned for the weekend. Which is good for a change.

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