Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2nd Year Checkup

Devin had her 2-Year Check-up today. The stats:

-29 lbs. 2 oz (80%)
-36" Tall (93%) When she's around a group of kids her age, this statistic is very evident.
-20" Head (101%) Yep, she got my big head.

A few height predictor calculators show 5 ft. 8" for Devin...we shall see.

The Dr. said Devin seems right on track. We've noticed some issues with her front teeth, with the enamel near the gum line. Dr. referred us to a pediatric dentist to see what's going on . She eats so well, it would be hard to believe it's a nutritional issue.

Thankfully, we see the one Dr in the practice who will consider an alternative immunization schedule. We'll be heading back for the Measles in a few weeks. (Then Varicella 6-8 weeks later) Mumps and Rubella will be in the 3rd year.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I think that your photography skills improve with practice and now that you have that camera, there's no stopping you!