Thursday, July 24, 2008

How a morning can be spent

No matter what the day might bring, we usually start at Starbuck's.

This is look comes a train.

99.9999% of the people waiting on this long train were not happy. They were going to be late for work.

Not us.

It was the highlight of our morning. The train blared its' horn as it passed, delighting even the most discriminating train watchers.


It's all about perspective, I suppose. One of the many new perspectives I've seen, since becoming a parent.

People always say how fast a child grows. That before I know it, she'll be in school. Then boys and driving. Ick.

It's true, though. I still think of her as a "baby" sometimes. I nearly canceled an eye appointment, thinking I can't bring the "baby." So, we had another kind-of cool first...her first trip to the eye Dr.
Notice the look of...this better damn well not be another appointment for me! I reassured her about 450 times, that this was MAMA's Dr.
This is what happens when I take pictures without my contacts in. Blurry!!

My eyes are fine. Actually, the Rx changed to slightly less correction in both eyes.


Then we did what we do after any type of Dr. appointment.

Notice "Devin Rolls." They're "California Rolls" without the seaweed. Which she likes, but can be difficult to chew and swallow in small bites.

So, it's Crab, Cucumber, Avocado, Wasabi paste, roe wrapped in sushi rice. Dipped in soy sauce, of course.

We always share some Edamame. (Japanese soy beans steamed and covered in sea salt)

People were pouring in Fuji for lunch today. That's good. I like to see them doing well.

All the errands, made for a tired "baby." It's fun to have her with me on these more mundane days. She's completely entertained and still easy to "wrangle" in the stores.

Back to work...

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