Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This Past Saturday

I forgot to mention this with the posts from the weekend. We had a Devin first on Saturday morning.

We've been playing tennis with Mike and his daughter during the past few weekends. Mike is my old DM from Janssen and now the President of Louisville Transportation Company. His 8 year old has the potential to play serious tennis & he's never played. So, we all hit around and have fun.

This Saturday, Matt had an early I took Dev to the courts with me.

She had watched enough bad tennis after about 5 minutes and started crying to be picked up.

Mike's wife asked if she should take her to their house to play with their 5 year old. I said sure, but she's never been away from her familiar faces. Dawn scooped up Dev and left. I thought to myself, "...good freakin' luck."

I kept waiting for them to pull back up to the courts, with her screaming in terror.

It never happened. I had to go retrieve Devin from their house, 2 hours later. Her reaction to seeing me? Ambivalent/Mad.

Mad because she was going to have to leave the fun. She talked about all the toys she saw and how much fun she had.

Which leads me to my next post.

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