Monday, July 21, 2008

Found Money & Comments

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Look at what Devin found!

If I'm being honest...I will spend $40.00 usually without batting an eyelash.

So, why is finding $40.00 so exciting?

Actually, Dev pointed it out.

"Whas' dat?"

I looked down to see a $20.00 bill. I know I watch too much reality tv, as my first thought was I was on camera and they were seeing what I would do. I looked around for someone looking like they were missing money and saw another $20.00.

Yay, it's raining twenties!

We took our time getting ready to leave the mall, which was the parking lot we were in. No one ran out frantically, no tv cameras accosted us and I truly hope some multi-millionaire dropped some "pocket change," so I could get a thrill.

Or, someone who is careless with their cash learns a lesson.

It's interesting...Matt found $1.00 on the golf course this weekend and again during the week. That made me remember a time as a child I found a twenty at an antique show with my parents. The scene (colors and all) is still very vivid. Perhaps because $20.00 was so much money back now actually. Or, maybe because it made an excruciatingly boring antiquing day awesome. Of course, 1/2 of those pieces are in my home now!

Oh well...I'm putting $20.00 in Devin's jar since she spotted that one.

The other twenty?


We have seedlings.

I fretted about a Mockingbird hanging out in my bean garden shrine. Matt says he/she is just looking for worms.

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