Friday, July 18, 2008

Snoopy & Butterflies

This is the Snoopy ice cream truck ride, just outside of Toys R' Us. Notice she's still holding the kitty cat from the trip to the vet....

The Whole Foods in Louisville has tiny shopping carts for kids. After a quick ride on the Snoopy Ice Cream Truck...we were off to the market. Dev's a very determined shopper, but not the best driver yet. I have to keep my hand on the cart or she'll crash into everything.

We found some amazing organic strawberries...chicken....sparkling water...

Dev's quit juice cold turkey. She's had 2 sips of OJ since the trip to the dentist. I would not be so flexible if someone took away my Starbucks. So, we try to find sugar-free drinks that also don't have artificial sweetener. The various sparkling waters have flavors and no artificial anything. (We call them soda)

Check out this weird moth/hummingbird hybrid thing.

It's a lot easier to take close pictures when they STOP MOVING!

We're anxiously watching for the beans to sprout. I think I'll put up a small fence, we've spotted some bunnies.

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