Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Weekend of Firsts-Bowling & Wiggles

After weeks of asking, we finally took Dev bowling. Her interest was sparked when Matt bought a Wii and she fell in love with Wii Bowling.


When Devin woke up this morning, her first words were:

"Is today real bowling Mama?"

We arrived and showed Devin the steps of going bowling.



This bowling alley was the coolest! The bumpers go up and down for each bowler and Devin had a ramp for her ball.

6 lbs. is lightest ball they provide and it takes all her strength to lift and carry it to the ramp. Matt would line it up & she would hoist the ball up and push it off.

Plus, lots of dancing in our slippery shoes!

Whack a shark!

It took every trick in the book to get her to leave...even then we had a few screams and lots of tears. Let's just say she had a really good time.

Matt promised to bring her back this week, since he's on vacation:)

Oh yeah. The scores?

Matt: 115

Devin : 114

Mama: Under 100....way under.


The Wiggles Live. Her first real show!


Tina said...

How darling....looks like she had a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

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