Friday, September 4, 2009

DIY Part is called "Labor" Day!

We've started a new Do-It-Yourself project.

I'm so excited! Just think...we're mere weeks away from hiring a professional to fix whatever damage we manage to cause:)

Kicking off the project: Completely re-doing the master closet. It's a small, walk-in closet that has never been painted and had the original builder's carpet still installed. Needless to say, it was looking very sad and worn.

We had to remove all the shelving unit brackets, paint the ceiling, paint the walls and install a new floor. Everything is done and looks great, except the floor. Actually, we're just about to tackle that tonight. *fingers crossed*

We're installing a floating, laminate floor that looks a whole lot like dark wood. It's completely scratch resistant and should look really nice. (Can't get it wet, though. At all.) We have pretty much no experience installing a floor, so it will be a learning experience. You Tube videos helped us visualize the steps, so we think we're ready. I thought starting with the closet would be easy. It's 56 sq. feet and only has one a/c vent and one threshold to the bathroom. However, the smallness of the space, is already making it difficult. We have to make a lot of cuts.

Hey. We put the "labor" in Labor Day.


Penny said...

hi, I enjoy your blog! We are in the process of finishing up a DIY project. Hubby just pulled up the carpet in the living and dining rooms and refinished the hardwood floors and then he put in a new laminate floor in the kitchen and our foyer. He is finishing up the foyer today. Our looks like tile. I think I will like it. We have tile in our bathrooms and I drop too many things in the kitchen to have real tile. The laminate was not too difficult. We did have some glitches with the hot water heat registers. But we got it in and it looks great!

Good luck with your project! I enjoy reading your blog. Your little one is a doll!!

Shannon said...

Thanks Penny...I really like our laminate so far and thanks for commenting:)