Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yay! The WHOLE Day...Finally.

As with most things Devin, we go from one extreme to the other.

She made it through the whole "routine" at preschool. I picked her up in carpool like everyone else.

I have always gone in to get her, just ahead of carpool to shorten her overall time. However, doing this meant she always missed the closing songs and story. I went in to get her today and peeked carefully through the glass. Her back was to me, she was sitting in a chair at the table coloring with markers. Keep in mind "coloring" means getting marker all over her hands, paper, Froggy, etc...

Miss Noelle snuck out and told me about her day. She said Dev did great until music time was over and they had to walk back to the regular classroom. She started crying & was getting very worked up. Is was disturbing the otherwise calm classroom and she told Devin it was, "making the other children sad." And, that if she needed to cry, she was going to have to do it the "Blue Chair" across the room. It took about 15 seconds for her to gather herself and join the group.

Yay Miss Noelle!

She also threw a small tantrum at not getting to eat her cookie from snacktime. They were given plenty of time to eat it and she chose to play. THEN, wanted her cookie when it was time for playground. Again, the choice of staying behind to eat or follow the group helped Devin move on.

We have noticed giving Devin a few reasonable choices seems to help certain situations.

Other than those 2 things, they said she was very calm and engaged. She explored the room a bit more and was happy (no tears) when Miss Irene brought her to my car.

Her choice for lunch meant her new favorite...Shiraz. Iranian food of all things. We get the Joojeh Kabob, Persian white rice, Hummus and Tzaziki Sauce. (You know the strong garlic, cucumber, ceyenne pepper yogurt sauce!!) She eats with such joy at this place. It's fun to watch. And, nice for us...she is totally happy, can feed herself completely. So, I'm not constantly having to attend to her. Matt joined us today, making it extra-nice. (The owner totally knows us and can't believe what she eats) She even has a Shiraz song she made up.

FINALLY, some fall-like weather. I have all of Devin's awesome fall/winter wardrobe washed and ready to go! She'll outgrow this stuff, if it doesn't get cold.

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