Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"It's Halloween Time!"

Nothing much going on around here, just regular life. I read other blogs filled with pain, tragedy and sickness...a constant reminder of how healthy & happy we are. (Even when it's not immediately apparent!!)

-It's a trip listening to her talk. She busts out some pretty funny sentences these days. And, her near-constant singing continues. I like when she combines songs:

"Old Mac Donald had a farm and Bingo was his name-o"
"E. I. N. G. O! And, cinco was his name-o!"

We're thinking she wasn't feeling good yesterday, which led to an awful day at preschool. She didn't cry when I dropped her off, but apparently cried the entire next hour. She was hyperventilating and almost getting sick. Miss Noelle called and we agreed it was best to come get her. (We're very careful about doing that, so we don't teach her crying gets me there earlier) Her odd mood continued the entire day. She threw several "lay on the ground" tantrums over very small things. After her nap, she was in a much better state.

Mom reminded me about her past reaction to the Measles Vaccine. About 10 days later, we saw a low-grade fever, slight rash and irritability/lack of appetite. I can't believe I forgot about that, as she had the exact same thing this time. It was even more pronounced as I had to get the MMR & Varicella vaxes together, to keep her legal for preschool. Luckily, no more shots for 2 years.

Today, we had the regular Devin back.

I'm thinking there's nothing quite like a year old on this planet. I have never in my life been more amazed, frustrated, angry, tired, overjoyed and 100% in love. The biggest challenge for me, is being patient. That trait just doesn't come easy for me in any situation. Especially, when I have very little control.

We're waiting for the weather to cool off to try on her Halloween Costume. She's going as a peacock and seems to have a slight understanding of the holiday. She knows it has to do with candy.

Speaking of candy, her return trip to the dentist is next week. They use N02 & a lot of praying when trying to fill a toddler's cavity. Let's hope for the best. We forgot to add Devin to Matt's dental plan & have to 100% out-of-pocket. It's $1000 if everything goes perfect.

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