Saturday, October 25, 2008

Potty Learning Progress

That's the new term, "Potty Learning" instead of "training." I like it. It sounds less like training a dog...and more like what it is, helping a person learn a new skill.

The odd thing is, Devin is about 95% for the poo-poo. Which we're all very thankful for. She did this on her own, so we assume the rest will come when she's ready.

She's pee-peed in the potty once before & that was an accident, really. Yesterday, I found this Elmo potty seat. It's soft and cushy and just like the one she's seen at Gymboree. (Except that one was Dora, and we don't watch Dora)

Keep in mind, we've tried various potty seats. She likes the self-contained one, but it's a pain to clean. And, obviously you can't carry it around. Then you have to train again, on the "big" toilets. (And public restrooms....yuck)

Soooooooo, we asked if she just wanted to sit on this one.

She said yes.

This morning I asked again, she said yes. And this time she USED it! She was still dry after our trip to the mall and I asked again. She agreed & used it again. Then, SHE asked to use it for poo-poo.

3 times in one morning? Am I dreaming?

I'll admit to one other technique. I gave her ONE gummy bear after the 1st successful pee-pee and she was thrilled. She asked for one after the 2nd time. I'm hoping the tiny reward is enough to get her pointed in the right direction.

I still don't think she can sense the need to go. It's more like I catch times when she's been dry for awhile, so I know she'll be going soon.

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