Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A good day

Devin had a GREAT day at preschool. She's staying the entire time from 8:50-11:45. That gives me a wonderful break to get work done.

Although, Matt & I weren't 100% sure once we started thinking about it....

The ATP Challenger Series is in town this week. These are tournaments with $50,000 total purses, which pro players use to get points and increase their world ranking. (Which allows for entrance into the Majors)

This is a local 18 Yr old, Eric Quigley. He's the son of a friend from tennis and plays at U of K. He got his chance tonight, as he was a Wildcard into the main draw.



Unfortunately, he drew the #1 seed, Vince Spadea.
Vince Spadea
Mr Spadea has won $5 Million in prize money and beaten Federer, Agassi etc...

Eric lost 4-6, 4-6...a very good showing! He played really well, but you could see the seasoned pro turn it on when he needed to.

Devin has her preschool Halloween party tomorrow. They have a school-wide parade, carnival and room parties.

We'll see how Little Miss Schedule likes this change up...

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