Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preschool. Day 2

Dev usually talks to herself about the day, just before she falls asleep. We like to listen, for entertainment value...

Tonight, I was listening closely as she started to talk about preschool.

(From an email to my Mom. I typed what she was saying, as she said it.)

"That's Jodi!"
"Hi Jodi!"
"Goodbye Jodi."
"That's fun with Jodi."
"I'm going to preschool."
"That's Miss Noel saying Good Morning."
"Mama's coming in the red car...."
"Miss Norene, I have that froggy. It's mine."

On Day 2, she was far more aware of what was to come. Thus, the crying started the moment we hit the parking lot.

Thankfully, it was a mild whimper until we got to the room. I bent down to hug and kiss her goodbye...she was crying with huge tears falling. I could feel her heart pounding through her tiny chest.

I'm not sure who cried more during Day 2. Probably me. Walking away from her when she's upset sucks. Other than seeing her in true physical pain, this is my least favorite part of parenting so far.

I've spent 2.4 years, plus 10 months before that making sure her every need is met. I'm really hoping that our instinct is right on this. That she
needs this separation, in order to grow & flourish. In my eyes and mind she's still a baby. But, my heart knows she's getting too attached. And too dependent on me to do everything the way she's used to.

The great news: I'm 110% sure this is a wonderful preschool and a place Devin will grow to love. Her teacher called at 8:45 tonight to ask how Devin was doing. And discuss our plan for her to be happy.

-We're keeping the shorter time next week, since we already saw some small improvements from Day 1
-We created a picture book, with lots of familiar sights for Dev. (Mama, Baxter, Pa-Pa, GG etc...)
-We're going to bend the rules and give Devin her favorite snack (Cheese/Crackers) during snack time.

Ms. Noel reported that Devin was able to communicate some things today without crying.

She told them, "I'm proud of Devin." "I'm doing a good job."

I'm proud of Devin, too.

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