Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Family That Plays Together....

Matt & I won a very close USTA Mixed Doubles Match Friday night.

See the scores here.

It was a great win, against tough opponents who don't like to lose. We blew leads in both sets and in the tie-breaker...which led to some bickering discussion about what we should be doing. Our team lost as we had to default court #3 and court #1 was a blowout.

Did I mention it was hot?

We realized yesterday Dev's got a fever. The only symptom I noticed was she sat still and watched TV for about 10 minutes. Oh, and she wasn't eating much. Just picking and asking for different things, but not really eating.

In the past 3-6 months she's lost interest in the TV, asking only to watch Sesame Street...

By the afternoon, we had logged several hours of Wiggles, Barney and Elmo. Temps around 101-103, lowering easily with the Tylenol/Motrin alternating. (Why didn't we know about that sooner?)

When the fever's down she seems to feel great, starts running around like a maniac and better eating.

Hopefully, it's a tiny bug.

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