Friday, August 1, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Remnants of Hurricane Dolly gave us almost 2" of rain yesterday. Hooray!

It's supposed to be 95+ for the next 5-7 days, no rain. Today was day #1. This picture was a few days ago...the high humidity does a number on Devin's hair. I can see why people with curly hair hate rain. It does get more frizzy.

William got an Iphone. It will damn near cook your dinner for you...but it doesn't have a video camera? It's so cool though, the GPS locates the phone and gives exact directions to the address you enter. (Which you can look up on the Internet)

We were, literally, the first to walk into the zoo this morning. I knew by the parking lot it was REALLY not crowded. So we got first look at all the animals this morning. It was amazing. It seems they pay more attention when you walk up, since you're not the 400th person who's tapped on the glass that morning.

Which led to this really cool moment...

It's hard to see with the glare from the window...but he/she was looking right at Devin. Also, gave me the once over.

I'm impressed with the Louisville Zoo. This particular exhibit is about as good as it gets for captive primates. (Most would not survive in the wild & have been rescued from bad zoos/circuses/idiots who wanted monkeys for pets) The zoo just got a new monkey from some NASCAR driver who realized a full grown monkey just didn't go with his decor.

The Gorillas can choose (at times) not to be on display. Their environment rotates, is unpredictable and mimics their natural habitat. You don't see the typical pacing behavior, signs of stress/depression that you do in some zoos.

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