Sunday, November 22, 2009

Apparently is was just a matter of time

I should have known something was wrong. Dev was being so quiet and playing well by herself, so I could vacuum and dust.

What I didn't know was she was giving herself a haircut. And, not just a trim. I followed a hair trail up the stairs. *Cue Psycho shower scene music* I looked in horror at the sizable pile of hair on the floor.

When asked why she was cutting her hair...

"So I can look like Snow White."

So, luckily my little stylist has LOTS of hair and it's not horrible looking. I notice...the big chunks out of the bottom. But, it can be covered.

I told her that she would no longer have access to her scissors. Her response?

"I still have my hole punch, right Mama?"

My friends tell me it was just a matter of time...


Kristi said...

Oh wow! I'm glad it's not too noticeable. Hopefully she won't be able to do any damage with her hole punch anytime soon :)

Erin said...

aw her beautiful hair! i remember doing that when i was little! every young girl does :)

Penny said...

Oh, yes. Just a matter of time. All three of my girls did it. Usually about 3-4 years old! I am sure she looks cute with her new do! Take lots of pictures. It really is a cute memory! How funny that she still has her hole punch! My oldest and her little friend cut all the hair off from many of the barbies and dolls while us mom's were enjoying a chat in the other room! The more they cut the more victims they tried to find! Good thing we checked on them before too much damage was done!
You'll laugh about it soon, if you already aren't!!

Shannon said...

Ahhhhh. Your comments are making me feel better, I just hope she learned the "don't cut your own hair" lesson.

Although my friend Debbie recently tried to cut her own bangs & she's 50-something:)