Thursday, July 30, 2009

Peaches n' Basil

So, we bought 2 peach trees about 5 years ago. They were tiny & sick. 75% off in August.

We planted 2 and one died the next season. The other?

Let's just say, it's a very happy peach tree. I finally convinced Matt to pick the peaches last night, with Devin's help of course.

Its' poor branches were bent over to the ground with peaches!


Now, I have to decide if making something with these is worth it. They're small, but very tasty. When I peel it, there's about 1/8 of a cup of peaches...not much. I would need 30-50 peeled for a cobbler or pie.

Dev loves them. It seems she's acquired our love of sour!

Oh my, the Basil.

I'm pretty sure, it couldn't get any fuller.

I've been making homemade pizza crust for tomato & basil pizzas 2-3x/week.

Dev and I spent a wonderful day together. We hit target 1st thing...and I kept noticing something strange. There were women with carts FULL of toys. Finally, I found the cause of all the commotion.

Target was having a 75% sale on many of their popular toys.

I mean, for $4.24 who could turn this down? It's listed at $24.80 on Amazon. Trust me, it's worth less than the $4.00 I paid. But, wow. It sure did make Devin a happy camper.

She investigated every nook and cranny of this thing. I took away the glitter, but let her have at the nail polish.

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