Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I just can't beat college girl

I'm trying, though. I've lost 5 straight, to who I would like to call: College Girl

College girl is easy to spot at the tennis club.

She's way too cool to carry a racket bag, just 2 rackets and a Gatorade. (still nursing a hangover)

College girl always remembers to wear an article of clothing with their respective team proudly displayed. (Just in case you forgot....she plays in college)

College girl is very fast, has a surprisingly weak 2nd serve, hits with heavy topspin and doesn't mind slice.

College girl does not like to be questioned about the score, line calls, anything. Doing so, results in a lot of ball slamming, big *sighs* and hair tossing.

College girl has a quick temper and it's pretty easy to get her flustered. I'm actually using this as a tactic to hang in a match.

Don't worry about the 2 hour USTA time limit. College girl wastes no time in between points, games and sets. It drives her crazy when I sit down for my 2 minute break.

College girl doesn't apologize for net cords or lets.

Ok, so this is a bit of an exaggeration and generalization. But two things have been 100% consistent when I play college girl:

-At some point in the match I get college girl pretty pissed at me
-I lose
-She gives me a dead-fish handshake and never makes eye contact

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