Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter, preschool style

It's always a scene when the parents are invited to join in at preschool.

Much to everyone's surprise, the real Easter Bunny was there. Look!

When Devin first caught sight of the white bunny on the playground, she let out a squeal of joy. Moments like this morning are so see her so happy.

Look you see the eggs?

Everyone could find six eggs. Devin HAD to show the Easter Bunny what she found.

"It's a shiny one, Easter Bunny."

The 2-3 year olds swarmed the poor bunny. He/she was getting 'petted', touched, grabbed from all sides.

Oh, the progress Devin's made at preschool. It's really cool to see. She's happy to be there and show me her world. She separated from me, as I was pretty busy helping with 11 kids. I actually had to go find her, and run after her to keep up and follow her lead.

It was refreshing. What's really cool... the sad feelings of being away from mom/dad are still there. I could tell she was fighting the urge to cry and get upset as I had to leave. But, she DID it. She distracted herself, by running away to play.

There is one particular boy who is really having a hard time. She's told me about him, but I didn't realize how bad it is. (And his crying often triggers her to remember she's missing me...thus her own tears & few other kids too) Poor baby, my heart was aching for him. He just sits and sobs for his mommy. (Like gagging, drooling, snotty, nearly-sick crying) Very distracting and tough to ignore...for me. So, I see why it bothers her.

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