Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2nd Conference

Time is passing so quickly. It's hard to believe it's been 5 months since this post:

1st Conference

Of course, we already know how much she's grown in 5 months. My main concern for Devin and reason for starting preschool early, was her separation anxiety. There was a point in her development, where I couldn't leave the room without concern...even at home. This was wearing on my sanity.

Just this weekend, I wanted to go watch my old tennis team play a big match. We gave her the choice to go with me to watch tennis or stay with Matt at home. She chose to stay home!

I asked Miss Noelle about Devin's temper tantrums and screaming. The look of complete shock on her face was all I needed.

Devin saves that behavior just for us!

Social & Emotional Development
Devin has improved on arrival & departure; Comes in on own & sits at carpool
-She's much more comfortable at school-enjoys her day
-Follows 2+ step directions with no prompting
-Recognizes when friends need help & loves to assist
-Tears are few and far between

Cognitive Development
Devin is much better about exploring the room. She will move from center to center on her own
-She seeks aid from an adult when she needs help
-Potty learning in progress

Physical Development
-Devin loves music and movement with Miss Cindy
-She can pedal on the bikes in the big room
-Devin will climb and slide down the structure outside and loves the sand box

Recognizes the letters in her name
-Loves to be read to

One goal we set is to have more "playdates" for Devin. Especially this summer, when her preschool schedule will change.

Since St. Francis is a "school" and not a church or daycare, the school year ends in May. So, if we want to keep her in the routine, she will attend summer "camp." The teachers will be different and the routine changes.

Uh oh:)

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