Thursday, November 6, 2008

Teacher Conference

We had our first Teacher's Conference today.

It's kind of surreal having someone else tell me about my child. Not that she told us anything we didn't already know, but it's cool nonetheless.

In fact, it still feels so strange when I return home after drop-off. The house is still and quiet, which generally means trouble is brewing. I get the where is Devin feeling several times an hour. Which makes it so hard to understand how people leave their kids in cars for 8 hours. was nice to sit down with Miss Noelle. Matt & I agree, she reminds us of Meghan. Having her (and Miss Irene) for Dev's 1st teacher has been a blessing. Also, her class is 11 2-year olds who have similar personalities. As a whole, they're gentle if not a bit sensitive.

Transitions-It doesn't take an expert to know that transitions are a challenge for all 2-year olds. Even more so with Devin. The improvement since August is amazing, but we still get bumps in the road. The biggest struggle is the drop-off to 10:30 range. They say 10:30-11:45 is a great time for her. Our goal is, "coming to school with no tears."

Preferred Activities-"Loves music with Miss Cindy" and "art." If Dev could sing and paint all day long, she would be 100% content. So, this is not a surprise.

Self-Help Skills-"Very independent." "Helps with clean up." "Washes own hands."

Communication-"Verbal! Very talkative." "Good communication with everyone."

They've also noted Dev's love of helping/assisting others. Which also can mean that she gets upset when another child cries.

We're all in agreement that 3 days a week would help tremendously with routine and structure. Devin has shown a strong need for a schedule, predictability and order. When she has those things, her confidence grows and she learns more. Plus, if she went to the 3-Day 3-year old class next year, Miss Noelle would be her teacher.

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