Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well, it's a good excuse for a new kitchen.

Remember this post?

Well, things didn't work out exactly as planned. I'll always let the boys give it the old college try, but this one was above our collective heads.

And, it all worked out ok. Except for the 5 grand we're spending to upgrade the kitchen. Thankfully, our cabinets are pretty good and I love the color. They've held up well to some pretty severe abuse. So, we don't need new cabinets.

The floor was replaced about 5 years ago. It's also holding up well & very easy to maintain. I sweep and vacuum a lot, but only mop every other week.

SO, we ended up with 60 square feet of Uba Tuba granite counter tops. I love it way more than I thought I would...goodbye dark green Formica. You were ugly.

The best part will be the back splash. Although we should have gone for a simple 4x4 tile, we opted for something really cool.

And, too expensive.

Oh, and difficult to install.

But, it's going to be so cool. It's an architectural facing: Copper Rust Bergen

The granite counter tops were installed today.

The sink will be plumbed this morning.

The back splash is going to take a bit longer.

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