Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Preschool. Day 3

We're very encouraged...Devin seems to be adjusting to the preschool routine. It's going to take a while at just 2 days a week. (The Thursday to Tuesday gap is like a lifetime for her)

Today I dropped her off early with some tears, but she seemed less scared. One new thing we tried today, was sending her with her favorite snack.

"Cheese Crackers." Which means this:

Miss Noel said it really helped to give her something familiar to eat..

Also, the turkey and cheese gives her some protein to carry her to lunch. The child is an eating machine!

Today, she really enjoyed music time and did not start crying again until she saw me! We did another early pick-up, even though she was not upset.

If she could stay 15-30 more minutes, they head out to the playground. That would get her close to 11:00 and the full time. The playground is shaded with a huge sandbox.

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