Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baxter and the Beanstalk/Preschool Day 4

Just as the package said! My Blue Lakes went from this...
Photobucket this, in 55 Days!
They were super-easy to grow, with almost no maintenance. I put seeds in some topsoil and kept them watered. And, not a lot of water...just a bit to get through our mini-drought. They are so, so good. Such a clean, simple taste.

Here's Baxter with all his eye whiskers singed off from a candle. This isn't the first or second time he's put our candle out with his face.

After just 3 days at preschool, Day #4 was our first day with no tears!!

We are thrilled at the idea of Devin being able to enjoy some time away from us. When I dropped her off today, they had some foam/water stations ready to go. Dev was very interested and shrugged off my goodbye. They said she was happy and engaged the rest of the time. We extended her day to 10:40 she's almost to the full time.

I had a rare dinner out for work. We went to 4th Street Live in Downtown Louisville.

A good chance to take my first night pictures.

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