Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Day, Another Cold


One thing she IS getting at preschool, germs!

We've had 2 colds in 3 weeks, but they've been minor. When you spend 99% of your time with someone...I can just look at her face & see when she's a little "off."


That's one cool thing about a 2 year old...they are troopers. She was insisting we eat in a restaurant tonight. She'll let me know exactly what she wants.

Me: "Dev what do you want to eat for dinner?"
Dev: "Ummmmmmm. Pusketti?"

Me: "You want spaghetti? What about some chicken and rice from Shiraz?"
Dev: "Ok. I go a restaurant and sit down. Inside. Sit."

Me: "Well Dev, you have a runny nose. So, we better pick it up to go home."
Dev: "Uh huh. I go inside and sit down."

*Repeat this basic conversation 10-15x*

She got the plan and was telling me about how runny-nosed people can't sit in restaurants.

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