Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A year ago

A year ago, our city experienced the worst wind storm in it's history.

The leftover winds of Hurricane Ike visited last September & when they left, we were without power for 6 long, long days.

Here's last year's post when we finally had power again.

We also had an ice storm during the winter, which left many folks without power (in the cold of winter) for days. (We were very, very lucky to keep power that time)

Anyway, Matt's friend with the generator moved to Florida a month Matt went out and bought a doozy of a generator. This thing is capable of running the whole house, but I'm happy with cell phone charging, clean clothing and some hot coffee!

(He's so excited for the first time we lose power and he can bust out his new toy and save the day!)

Not much else going on, really. We're all very busy and Devin's doing AMAZINGLY well at preschool. She's all smiles now and seems to enjoy, if not look ever-so-slightly forward, to school. It's a huge relief for all of us, so I can work during her school hours and Ga-Ga can play more tennis/golf/bridge/garden/bird watch/travel:)

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