Thursday, September 10, 2009

My One and Only Watermelon

I guess I can say, I did it for Devin. But, now I see why so many gardening books and magazines suggest skipping watermelon. The plant itself, is huge. The leaves take up 10x10 ft. and we have ONE edible watermelon.

Plus, we're so spoiled by seedless watermelon!

The upside? Devin was thrilled to cut off her prize and see what was inside...

It tasted great! So fresh and crisp. The seeds weren't too bad and we ate the whole thing.


I'm going to make some tomato sauce for freezing with these beauties.

Endless Zinnia....

The second crop of green beans is in. Which is a huge understatement.

I have around 20 plants with a bumper crop.

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Penny said...

What a great "bounty". And what a wonderful experience for Devin.