Monday, September 28, 2009

Old School

For a few minutes this weekend, we turned off the electronics.

It's amazing how much we have to entertain ourselves.

-DVD Player
-3 iPods
-2 full keyboard phones for calling and texting
-The Nintendo Wii
-Sirius Satellite Radio
-Laptop Computers

Or, these wooden blocks and a marble.
One of the few toys saved from my childhood.

My Mom and I have the same problem...we're the anti-hoarders. I save very little and despise clutter.

But, she saved this game & Matt, I mean Devin, had a great time setting it up and playing.




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Penny said...

How nice that you have something from your childhood to share with Devin. I must admit I am also a non-hoarder. I have saved my daughter's Lego's and their American Girl dolls. And my favorite of their many many books. Everything else, gone. It looks like Devin really enjoyed the activity. My girls loved, and still love, game night at our house. It is nice to turn the electronics off once in awhile.