Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Liberal Greeting Card Conspiracy

I've only made one other political post in my little blog's history. And, this post isn't about my opinions....just an observation.

So, Dev and I went to get our friend a Birthday card. She suggests a Barack Obama card, which continues a running joke we all have together.

See, our friend is not a fan of Mr. Obama. In fact, he refers to him as, "Hussein." So, as a joke we bought our friend a Barack Obama commemorative plate.


He loved it so much, it's still on OUR mantel.

Anyway, I go to get a card. It should be easy right? There were entire sections Hallmark designated for anti-Bush cards. Maybe not anti-Bush, but definitely making fun of him.

I start at Kroger, during my regular grocery shopping. They have a big selection, as in a real grocery aisle full of cards.

Not ONE Obama card.

So, I make a SPECIAL TRIP to Walgreens, the mecca of greeting cards....and TWO Obama cards. One of which was anti-Bush.

I got him one with Obama on the front and it looks like he's signed it.

I'm sure it will stay with the plate.

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