Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I guess I have a new passion for Do-it-Yourself stuff.

While I was going after some scum, I realized the floor trim was rotting a bit at the bottom. One thing led to another and I had this:



In order to determine why water is getting on the floor, I started looking at the shower door very closely. I realized it was leaking underneath the threshold part.

So, we had to tear down the entire shower door/panel assembly.

I love a challenge. And, this will be one.

We're hoping to install the new shower door ourselves. It's basically gluing, screwing and caulking...we can do those things, right?

I'm trying to understand how to repair the hole. I think a mesh piece can fit over the space and looooooots of sanding.

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Taking Heart said...

Projects are always fun... you are more brave than me!