Monday, June 22, 2009

DIY-Shower door update

I'm proud to say we're on our way to DIY success, regarding the shower door.

I unpacked the kit last week & carefully studied the directions. Let's just say, the directions assume you already know quite a bit about shower door installation.

But, I figured it out and when Matt got home, we got started.

In about an hour, we were ready to hang the door. However, during the test run we discovered the door had about an inch gap. We were so careful during the installation, we assumed something was cut wrong.

And we were right!

The shower door guy came this morning and confirmed the small pane of glass was 1" too short. They're re-cutting the piece tonight and we'll pick it up tomorrow. Otherwise, he said we did a good job on the installation.

Yay us.

Matt's Birthday dinner is tonight & of course, he's golfing today.

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