Thursday, June 25, 2009

Harvest Beginnings

The community garden is getting fun. These are my cherry tomatoes & green beans. One of my garden neighbors gave me the squash squash and zucchini.


I'm so glad I devoted 1/4 of the garden to flowers. The giant Zinnia are thriving.


Erica said...

YUM! My husband and daughter did our garden this year, but nothing is ready yet (they were late, because we didn't think we'd do a large garden this year- we freeze and can)... but your picture is making me crave tomatoes and green beans! YAY for growing vegetables!

Shannon said...

Thank you! I need to plant another round of green beans. My MIL showed my how to blanch and freeze in small basically get fresh green beans in the middle of winter.

We make LOTS of frozen tomato sauce, too.