Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Trooper

Dev gets the Trooper of the year award, today. We had our final visit to the dentist to fix her front 2 teeth at 8:00 am sharp. (Add plenty of sleet, just to make it interesting)

She was not thrilled to hear about going to the dentist again & was silent during the drive. We were the first people in the waiting room, which a pleasant contrast to the usual insanity. Dr. Yang hustled past us at 7:58 am...right on time! We went back immediately and still no tears.

After a few minutes of NO2, poor Dev burst into tears. BIG tears. The Dr. explained what was going to happen and got her calm enough to begin. Once she started, Devin did amazing. The dentist says she's never seen a child this age tolerate what went on. They heaped on the praise and Devin was very proud. She crowed to the entire office, "I'm so proud of you going to the Dentist." She also said, "THANK YOU DENTIST." (unprompted of course, which cracked her up completely)

We completed the experience by raiding their treasure chest of a sparkle ball, ring, princess sticker, new toothbrush, Spongebob toothpaste and a pencil. Dev knows to strike while the iron's hot.

It was 8:45 when we walked out to the car. I (we) witnessed my first public spanking of a mother to her (younger/smaller than Devin) daughter. Yuck. She yelled in her face for, "not putting books back." Devin asked me all day what happened.

After all that, Devin chose to go to preschool. I gave her the choice to come home with me or go to preschool and work on her surprise present for Mama & Dada. We were only 5 minutes late and her favorite friends (twins AJ & Mya) had a Birthday party.

Finally, we had lunch with Dada & Gramma at Shiraz.

A 3.5 hour nap filled her afternoon schedule.

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