Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Last week, Devin & I completed the application process for her "Kindergarten." We're using that term for now, since her preschool friends are throwing it around. But, for her (hopefully) she'll begin Montessori school. (We're waiting to hear back, for an official contract offer)

Montessori generally does not have a separate Kindergarten. The kids are grouped from 3-6 yrs. and then move to individual grade rooms after that.

The application process involved several visits, including a chance for Devin to separate from me for about 30 minutes in the classroom. She was reluctant to say the least, but she did not cry. I chatted in the lobby with another mom who's son was also shadowing in the other classroom. When she came out, Dev had a picture from a student: Rebekah drew a picture of Devin, which I thought was very sweet.

As we were driving on to her regular preschool, I didn't ask any questions about the visit and she wasn't saying much. Eventually, I HAD to ask her what she talked about with the teacher.

Her answer?

"Oh Mama, it was so hard! I mean, it was sooo easy. I just told her 2+2=3, 3+3=6 and 6+6=7!"

We're beyond thrilled that this school opened their new facility less than a mile from home. I spent many winter evenings reading about the Montessori method & feel it's a perfect choice for us, more importantly for Devin.

We've worked hard these 5 years to not use rewards...we don't do stickers, charts, prizes for behavior, etc... I'm a big believer in the ideas behind "Punished By Rewards." And, I LOVE today's Wall Street Journal article about the method.

WSJ Montessori Article

In Kentucky, (IMO) public schools are hyper-focused on standardized test scores...since our schools rank as some of the worst in the nation. But, mostly I want to instill a love of learning & support her natural tendencies. I've seen her focus for 90+ minutes on making, "a book." Basically, she sat and copied one of her favorite books:)

On Day 3 of Spring Break we went to an Open Play at Kazoing. (And indoor bounce house place)

And, I made a 3-D Bunny Cake! Matt had some work friends over, so I thought I would practice with my new Milton cake pan!


Shellyd. said...

You know you would be perfect homeschoolers right? ;) Not that there's a thing wrong with Montessori! I love how sensitive to what works best for Miss D and your family! Keep up the great work. It shows!

Shannon said...

I know Shelly, but I'm not cut out for Homeschooling at all...Plus, an only child (IMO) really needs the social aspect of school. I'm not closed off to any idea in the future, of course:)