Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Showers

This was the last time we saw the sun. Since then, it's rained almost 4".

Guess who wants to "golf" every chance she gets?

Thanks to Ga-Ga for my new Muck Boots! These are the slip on shoes, which are PERFECT for this time of year.

Plus, with my newly diagnosed Plantar Fascitis, I needed a decent supportive shoe in the garden.

See my poor, little Snap Pea seedling...in standing water?

Even the lettuce is struggling with this much rain. Plus, my garden plot seems to be a washout/drainage area for the field. The lettuce plants just miss being washed away by a river of water through the garden.

The red and yellow onions are the happiest thing in the plot right now.

This is my cucumber/snap pea trellis, assembled and staked into the dirt. I started about 15 plants from seed indoors, which I will move outside next week. Most "old timers" in the garden strongly suggest waiting, "....until Derby," to plant warm weather crops.

Speaking of weather, I made an executive decision to move Devin's outdoor bounce house Barbie party, indoors. We scheduled her a small Birthday party this weekend, since next weekend is Easter. Unfortunately, the forecast for Saturday is a cold rain. Boo. The wonderful folks at Kazoing squeezed us in to a morning (indoor) bounce party. Devin also gets a face painter and balloon artist after the bouncing, so she is very excited.

She has a small preschool class, so just 4-5 kids are expected (with siblings) and some of my friends who are close to Devin want to visit.

Devin chose a "Barbie" theme, out of the blue. So, I'm surprising her with a Barbie cake. She thinks it's a regular flat cake with a Barbie theme. But, my favorite local cake artist is working on one of these:

Tomorrow, we're having professional photos done for Devin's 5th Birthday. These pictures will be a different experience, as I chose a "mom blogger" who's traveling around the country supporting her family by taking pictures. I've always liked her style of photography and I credit her blog (and a few others) as my inspiration for getting a "real" camera & learning how to work it! I'm hoping we can capture Devin's spirit and thinking at this age...so no posed photographs, no matchy-matchy outfits and no studio. In fact, it's Devin's choice on the outfits and we're shooting in a park. Also, we get all the rights to every photo...so I can print them, send them, blow them up to canvas size etc...

It's supposed to be picture perfect weather tomorrow (pun intented), 72 degrees and partly cloudy. No April showers on photo day!

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Erin said...

i hope all of your plantings survive that crazy amt of rain!

i had cakes like that when i was little, i KNOW Dev will be so excited!