Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Weekend

We were bored and a little cabin-feverish, so we ventured to Incredible Dave's.

It's an interesting mix of entertainment for children and...well...alcohol for adults.

Don't let their tag line fool you. The food is horrendous & overpriced.

The fun is, pretty fun! There's a bouncy thing for toddlers, which is free. We let her bounce and run around for an hour...which led to a good afternoon nap. Yay.

Lots of games!

Lots of tickets.

We stared at the fish during lunch. Devin had lots of questions about the wood being underwater.

Wal Mart is setting up for gardening, so I bought this gardening bucket for Devin.

Devin put this on Baxter and I RAN to get the camera.

Can you guess what the plastic ring is from?


That's right!

The best $40.00 I've spent.

This activity continued for an hour, until hunger outweighed her desire to bounce.

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