Saturday, February 7, 2009

The End of the Week/Potty Milestone

What a great week!

We all missed Mom, while she soaked in the SoCal sunshine...but we managed without her.

Not the best picture below...the flash was off and Dev was moving.

However, it does illustrate Dev's new favorite way to "help."

We're learning new ways to keep Dev occupied at the grocery. One of the best ways, is to have her help. When she has her own cart, she's all business. It's about as focused & compliant as she gets.

Plus, it's funny. She follows right behind me. And thanks me for everything I put in the cart. This method is perfect for quick trips, when we just need a few things. I haven't tried getting my own regular cart, while she has a little cart. (Even the small carts are a bit big and we "crashed it" yesterday at Whole Foods)

Several times a week, we have to choose where to shop.

Here's the grocery store rundown in Dev's mind:

-Meijer-has toys, has 2 crane games, free cookies, no special carts, no small carts
-Kroger-no toys, no crane game, free cookie, car carts, small carts (only 2)
-Wal Mart-has toys, 4 crane games, a Barney car, no cookie, no special or small carts
-Whole Foods-No toys, no crane game, no cookie, plenty of small carts

Potty Learning Update: As usual, Dev's doing things her own way. She's been using the potty for poo-poo 100% for 6 months now. I've only seen her pee-pee on the potty once or twice and never on command. She tells us immediately when she has a wet diaper, but never sooner.

We tried all the standard tricks, but she was not interested and not ready.

Until this week!

I casually asked her if she wanted to pee-pee on the potty after her nap the other day. She surprised me with a "yes mama."

Sure enough, after about 5 minutes....she DID it!

Later that day, she asked Matt if she could use the potty...and DID it!

This continued all week, after naps and in the morning. Yesterday, she wore the same diaper all day with no accidents.

The weird part? She wants NO part of ANY underwear. I tried all the tricks. We've got Hello Kitty, Princess, Tinkerbell and Elmo. She won't wear them for 30 seconds.

She's asked for Cars and Thomas underwear...but they don't make "girl" underwear in "boy" themes. I think that's very gender biased and stupid.

So, I guess we'll just keep moving along her way.

Grandpa and Grandma drove in last night and she stayed up late to see them arrive. We played puzzles with her until after 10:00.

Lots of pictures later....

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