Friday, January 23, 2009

You Gotta Watch Every. Single. Word.

So, Dev's pretty much able to figure out everything we're talking about. If she doesn't understand, she'll ask.

What's hilarious, is a first-hand glimpse at just how difficult it is to learn English & all of it's subtleties. (As evidenced by my grammar and punctuation mistakes)

Some examples:

-Matt and I were having a conversation about money, bills etc... Devin asked what we were talking about and said, "Oh just money and bills stuff, Dev." She responds, "Like chocolate money, Mama?" (Referring to those gold chocolate coins you get at Xmas)

-We were discussing Matt's new amazing suits. We hit a "sale" at Joseph A. Banks. Buy, 1 get 2 FREE! Of course one suit is breathtakingly priced above $800.00...but they are really nice suits. So, I said, "...Dev, doesn't Dada look sharp in his new suit?" She says, "Sharp! You mean like a knife or scissors, Mama?"

-Just this week, she's started to sense frustration or sadness. She'll ask, "What's wrong, Mama?" It's very cute.

We had a super-busy week.

I gotta take some pictures!

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