Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Ice Than Snow

We got lucky. Really lucky.

500,000 without power & we're NOT one of them.

Last night, the power flickered and dimmed throughout the night. Transformers could be seen and heard exploding.

I rained ice all night long!

Then, it snowed 5" on top of the ice,



Schools are out the rest of the week, as the plows and crews can't reach all the side streets. (Including us) It takes a 4-wheel drive to safely leave our neighborhood & we only have one of those...the Volvo.

Dev & I are on our own today.

1 comment:

Dionna said...

Here I am, checkin on you guys- Thank goodness you have POWER!!!!!!!!
What a mess!
STL had this a couple of years ago- scary!

Hope all is well-
Are you on Facebook???