Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Running Around

We had a low-key weekend, filled with errands and tennis.

Matt finally found a guy who really knows how to work on BMW M3's. It's a very difficult and expensive car to repair.

However, it is a 1997 M3 with over 130K miles. And, we've owned it almost 10 years.

What's great about Drew at Evolution?

He helps Matt fix the car himself. He orders the part and sells them to us AT COST.

Here we are Saturday morning getting the "Check Engine" light turned off.

Then, it was off to the barber shop for Matt.

Devin told us she goes to a "salon."

Lookin' sharp!

Wanna know what happens when I play doubles at the 4.5 level?

1) I lose 6-1, 6-0.

2) I get hit on the fly with 2 overheads. One was in the middle of my back...I managed to turn at the last second.

The other left this reminder on my leg.

I'm going to politely suggest I stick with singles.

We're crossing our fingers for a BIG snow this week. We bought 2 new sleds and all the gear you would need for sledding.

Louisville (as a whole) goes completely insane when it's supposed to snow. The grocery stores get jammed with people buying the essentials. (Bread, milk and eggs)

We bought into the hype and made our trip to Meijer.

Our local weatherman has a bread slice index.

0 Slices= No snow
5 Slices= A few inches
10 Slices=Major Storm.

This morning, he's at a 7 slice level.

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