Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st Week Under the Belt

These are the thoughts that were rattling around in my head, the morning Dev started school:

Perhaps it was denial or I was just very unprepared for how would feel this morning. This being the day my one and only marches off to full-time school. It appears easy for some parents...even a relief. And, I thought I would feel that way too. I remember flipping through the calendar pages of my planner to August 2011. I imagined how awesome it would be to have ALL day to get things done. But, today I guess the bitter is taking over this bittersweet moment.

It's hard to trust and feel 100% comfortable about her spending the majority of her day with someone else.

I often frame my role as a SAHM, just like I would any other job. I take it seriously, I want to do well...I want to do the best I can for Devin. It feels like a major part of my job responsibilities are over. It's like, my project got cancelled. Or, something.

I wanted to jot down how I was feeling, so I could look back I guess.

Day One: Brought many tears. None from Devin...lots from me! Devin articulated that she was "scared" about Kindergarten. I thought that was so mature of her, to express how she's feeling with words vs. acting out or crying. She marched off from car pool like a trooper and was in great spirits at pick up. She was most excited about getting to climb a tree on the playground & fixing her own snack.

Day Two: She still mentioned being scared during the 45 second drive to school, but I reminded her how well the previous day went and that there would be more friends in her class today. She was happy, if not a bit wild at pick up. We spent the afternoon at the pool, which was deserted, since most schools have started by now. It's hard not to play 20 questions with her about school, here are some Dev quotes:

-I tied 2 shoes today.
-They heated up my Tortellini for me.
-Miss Katie picks the person who gets to go first. It's usually the quietest one or the one who has their legs criss-crossed.
-We learned to carry chairs today.
-I got my own snack today. I didn't ask anyone. One scoop of bunny grahams and 3 slices of orange.
-I found a 4-leaf clover at the playground!

Day 3: No mention of being scared today. She was actually looking forward to meeting the rest of her classmates, who are 5 turning 6. This afternoon, she finally seems a bit tired from the week. I've had to wake her up each morning...which I've honestly never (ever) done before. Dev's seems to be a morning person. She wakes easily and is quick to get up and get moving. But, I know she'll need some extra rest this weekend.

Devin asks one of us to "play chest" almost everyday. She is begging to start in the Chess Club at school! I think she will love this and it only keeps her at school 15 minutes more. It's such a great life-long game, which my Dad taught me at about the same age.


You can almost see her bottom tooth about to fall out. It's SO wiggly and loose, but the dentist likes them to fall out naturally, no pulling. We have a regular check up next week, I hope it's out by then. The tooth fairy pillow she made with Grandma Ann, is on stand-by!


One of my favorite hobbies is dressing Devin:) I'm always on the lookout for unique skirts and dresses, that can transition through 2-3 seasons.

This may be my new favorite.

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